Korea: Triple Tour offer

Like most countries in Asia, South Korea is a remarkable blend of the old and the new. On one hand, the bustling city of Seoul is your typical metropolis – a melting pot of the various cultural nuances that come together to form the modern, fast-paced, trend-setting face that South Korea shows the world.

On the other hand, there are the pristine forests and mountains dotting the countryside, each a mark of at least one pivotal event and battle that has a hand in the shaping of South Korea as we know it today.

While four days isn’t really going to let you cover all of these historical landmarks both in and out of Seoul, it’s still plenty of time visit some of the more memorable landmarks the country has to offer. It’s also plenty of time to get a peek at some of the locations that you may have seen in your favorite Korean drama.

With that in mind, we’re letting you know of three tour packages that just might interest you:

Colors of Korea

Take a trip into South Korea’s natural splendor with this package. The tour begins with a visit to Nami Island (Namiseom) – its Metasequoia path made famous by the Korean Drama “Winter Sonata.” Then it’s a trip to Mt. Seorak, where you’ll be visiting the Mt. Seoraksan Castle in Gwongeumseong, followed by a visit to the Everland Resort in Yongin City.


Dazzling Korea

This four-day packages includes a whirldwind tour of South Korea’s biggest cities: Seoul, Jeju City, and Busan. The tour starts off in Seoul, where the group will immerse themselves in activities such as kimchi making, a DMZ tour, and a visit to the N Seoul Tower. The Jeju City will cover a tour of Dragon Head Rock, Maze Park, and Seongsan Sunrise Peak. The trip wraps up at the city of Busan, with a tour of Yongdusan Park and Geumgang Park.

Fall in Love with Korea

A package aimed at the more energetic traveler keen on seeing the locations of their favorite Korean Dramas. It begins with a city tour of Seoul, and introduces travelers to famous locations such as the National Folk Museum, and the Gyeonggi English Village, which some of you may remember from the famous Korean romance comedy Boys Over Flowers. Other highlights of this package include a DMZ tour, and a visit to the Lotte World Theme Park.

Further details about each package can be found at Bridges Travel and Tours.

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Christmas in July? Why not?

Christmas is a very special – if hectic – time of the year. And I’m not just talking about the clamor of trying to get gifts for every one of our closest relatives and loved ones, the frantic attempts we make at trying to remember every aunt, uncle, and cousin’s name as we send them hand-written Xmas cards, or the bustle of trying to buy that shiny new microwave we don’t quite need, but just got slashed to half price at the local department store’s holiday sales.

At its core, it’s a holiday that brings people together. No matter how busy our schedules may be, it has magical way of drawing even some of the most far-flung relatives in our family, coming together to enjoy each other’s company for just a few days of each year.

It’s the perfect time to plan for an outing, although given how hectic things can be at the peak of the Christmas season, the wiser holiday planner may want to make their family’s festive arrangements a little earlier than anybody else.

Now if you’re interested in bringing your little brood to Hong Kong, then here’s a promo that you might enjoy. Starting this July 30, Hong Kong Express Airways is offering a special travel promo to Hong Kong. The promo starts at HKD 145 for adults and HKD 114 for children respectively for Booking Class X tickets, and HKD 160 for adults and HKD 125 for class S tickets. The promo end this December 15.

If you’ve got a loved one you’d like to bring to Hong Kong’s bigger attractions such as the Hong Kong Disneyland, or just want to hunt down a sweet deal for a new laptop among then this might be the air fare promo you’re looking for.

For further information regarding this travel promo, please visit Bridges Travel and Tours

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Feast of Tabernacles – A biblical tour of Israel

Every year, between the months of September and October, is the holiday of Sukkot, or the Feast of Tabernacles, an event that holds tremendous cultural value in Jewish tradition. Historically, it is meant to commemorate the 40 years the first Israelites spent wandering in the desert after their exodus from Egypt.

In fact, the festival name, Sukkot, is the plural form of the Hebrew word sukkah, a type of fragile wooden dwelling that the Israelis used for shelter during their time in the desert. Every Jewish household will build a sukkah during the Sukkot, where they will have their meals during the week-long event. The event also serves as a harvest festival, and observers may see some similarities between Sukkot, and America’s own Thanksgiving Day.

It’s a great time to visit Israel, and for visitors to immerse themselves in the various locales that hold much significance for the country’s heritage. Now if you’re keen on paying a visit, then you may want to take a look at a travel promo being offered by Bridges Travel and Tours:

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